RLD CNG Compressor Systems

RLD CNG Compressor systems are designed for small and mid-sized green fleets.  RLD Performance modular compressor systems range in size from 30-186 SCFM in a single unit or in twin pairs.  Systems are built around Sauer Mil-Spec compressor blocks certified for the high compression of exotic gases like natural gas or hydrogen. Functionality is basic or State of the Art depending on the field devices needed for a site specific plan meeting or exceeding the NFPA 52 standards. All field devices are made in the USA and are approved in Class 1, Division 2 Zones.

Improved system features that set these units apart are

1.   The ability to setup remote access and wireless communication;

2.   Efficient direct drive 480V Weg motors with 5-50% less operating costs;

3.   A more economical 4-stage block with no hammer piston;

4.   An internally balanced compressor with no flywheel or belts for extended life;

5.   Lower noise and vibration; accurate transducers or mechanical gauges;

6.   An oil crankcase heater and oil reservoir to protect the compressor;

7.   Gas detection inside an enclosure;

8.   Proper filtration to protect the compressor in the blow down cycle and prevent oil carryover;

9.   Accurate RTD Temperature sensing for ambient and gas temperature sensing.

10.  More accurate tank filling with a built-in algorithm for temperature compensation.

11.  Factory 24 Hr dispatch for any compressor problems.

The systems are built in the USA for rugged continuous run 24/7 performance and a long life exceeding 12,000 hours of run time before a major service. Twin pair units create redundancy. Parts have guaranteed availability for 35 years. The warranty can be tailored in length to the customer’s needs based on a site specific service contract.

RLD Performance compressor packages will support fast filling, buffer filling and slow filling designs under partial or continuous use (more...).  RLD Performance can offer economical custom gas drying packages as well as supply consulting or project management support. 

CNG Compressor packages come standard with features designed for safety and to protect the equipment from failure (more...).  This total added value increases a return on investment (ROI) by ensuring the most reliable compressor on the market with the lowest overall operating cost to the end user.  For the fastest ROI, we encourage customers to subcontract their own refueling site via private licensed subcontractors for design, engineering, site work and equipment. 

Information for types of refueling stations can be found here (more...).  Although a CNG compressor is the heart of a CNG refueling station, a professional fleet analysis should be made first to determine how much fuel is really needed for a fleet of vehicles, large or small.  RLD Performance can do a computerized fleet analysis for a customer.  If RLD Performance does a fleet analysis, those fees will be credited back to the customer if said customer purchases a CNG compressor system from RLD Performance.  I would also suggest calling a designer listed here (more...).   Basic information for CNG compressor sizing can be found here (more...).  Basic planning tips that are code driven are found here (more...).

Incentives for CNG Infrastructure

Nationwide information on laws and incentives is available from the US DOE’s alternative fuel Data Center.


There may or may not be CNG infrastructure credits, incentives or rebates from Federal, State or local Governments in a calander year.  It is up to the customer to investigate their best options.

USA Refueling Station Locator


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